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Just another excuse to get together and celebrate . We deliver the contents in a hand-made festive box. Please call our customer care for bulk orders or regular packaging.



Creating happy memories is what the journey of life is all about. Here's yet another excuse to gather your friends and loved ones around and create some magical moments together.

Coffee Crunchettes: Occasional excesses are good for the mind and soul, so go ahead and indulge.

Chilli Tango Spicy Matthis (Whole-Wheat): This typical Indian snack is a part of every home. This festive season, try the baked variety with the goodness of whole wheat and enjoy guilt free. Chai, friends, gossip and a plate of mathi!

Amla Pickle (Andhra Flavour)The benefits of good ol' Indian gooseberry are something your elders will never argue with you about. Pickled in a spicy base, tingle those taste buds like never before.

Tomato ChutneyA pleasant combination of spicy, sweet and tangy, this tomato chutney can be used as a dip or even added into marinades.

Eucalyptus Honey:Did you know: 20,000 to 40,000 worker bees go a distance of three times around the world to produce 500mg of Honey! Ayurveda recommends honey for restoring skin damage; stored and old honey helps in metabolism of fat and scrapes Kapha. One glass of warm water taken with 2 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of lemon juice early morning reduces fat and purifies blood.

Wish you and your family a happy and healthy festive season.

Try baked mathis with tomato chutney or amla pickle. Munch on the coffee chocolates after dinner.

Products in the Box

  • Chilli Tango Spicy Matthi (Wholewheat)

    Either you will be in love (and yes, Chilli is an aphrodisiac!) or youll be left reaching out for a fire extinguisher. These munchies have a tangy bite muddled with the earthy sweetness of fennel followed by the fire in your mouth called Teja Chilli. 100% Vegetarian.

    ₹ 190

    Brand: Jugmug Thela

  • Eucalyptus Honey

    This natural honey from the ancient sacred city of Haridwar is filled with medicinal benefits. It acts as a natural hormone stimulant and effective cough suppressant. The honey is filled with aroma and flavour that fills your senses as soon as you open the bottle and taste it. It is naturally infused with no artificial flavours.

    ₹ 270

    Brand: Organic Origins

  • Coffee Crunchettes

    Aromatic and rich roasted coffee beans blissfully coated in fine dark chocolate.

    ₹ 395

    Brand: Chokola

  • Tomato Chutney

    The extraordinary Tomato Chutney, the humble tomato, re-invented as Art, to give you the perfect caramelized, slow cooked blend of sweet, tangy and spicy. This one you\'d truly relish. (P.S.: Versatility is a bonus)

    ₹ 150

    Brand: The Food Art Factory

  • Andhra Amla Pickle

    The eclectic Andhra Amla Pickle. We know how to make Amla fun; case in point, the surprisingly slightly spicy nuttyness that enhances every mouthful. Enjoy this pop of flavour with any cuisine or even just a pack of matthis at tea! Contains zero artifical preservatives.

    ₹ 150

    Brand: The Food Art Factory

  • Gift Box

    This gorgeous and sustainable gift box, embellished with flowers has been hand-crafted by women who worked as waste-pickers in Ghazipur. These women are now shareholders of Gulmeher Green Producer Company, an organisation which uses recycled waste paper and wounded flowers to make earthy gifts, eco-friendly stationery and packaging.

    ₹ 200

    Brand: Gulmeher

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