Running your home was never so easy. Keep your kitchen stocked and get daily staples delivered to your doorstep, at the click of a button. The grocery section at SmartCooky includes Flours (aata), Cereals, Lentils, Oils, Spices & Condiments, a variety of Sugars & Sweeteners, flavorful Tea & Coffee, Pickles & Preserves, Snacks, Chocolates and more. No more do you need to rely on your Kirane ki dukaan, the nearby shop nor do you have to traverse the endless aisles at supermarkets. Shop online and find all the things you need, and more.  

Grocery shopping can be a monthly, weekly or daily activity as per your convenience. Here are some quick tips to make your shopping more organized:

1. Always make a list. Check your cupboards to see what is required. One way to simplify this is keep a note pad ready and jot down items as they finish. You can do this on your phone too.

2. Depending on your familys food choices, decide what is needed and in what quantity.

3. Start with the essentials like atta, rice, oils spices, lentils, etc. These form the basis of your regular healthy food.

4. Plan according to the health goals and needs of the family. Diabetics will need high fiber foods, a weight watcher can cut out all the high calorie and high sugar stuff.

5. Plan for guests you may be expecting and /or any social gathering you may plan.

6. During festive seasons, put down the extras required, for a special recipe or for gifting. You may need Kuttu ka atta for Navrati and ghee for your Diwali sweets.

7. While buying exotic ingredients, read up so that you know how to use them.

8. While shopping, check the various brands for an item available, compare the prices and choose. Compare prices for the same unit i.e. 500gm of each brand not 100gm of one to 500gm of another brand.

9. Last but not the least, do not shop when hungry, depressed or angry. Youll be surprised at what you pick up (or forget to).

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