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Gourmet products handpicked and carefully curated, just for you. We deliver the contents in a hand-made festive box. Please call our customer care for bulk orders or regular packaging.



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A fine selection of exotic food items, sourced from across the world. This carefully handpicked hamper is a peep into our world of health and flavours.

Quinoa: Quinoa goes desi. Enjoy this locally sourced superfood and stock up on essential vitamins. Quinoa is packed with proteins and folic acid. Make delicious salads, toss with rice, add to soups or enjoy it with a bowl of fresh veggies.

Coconut Sugar infused with a quartet of spices: This sugar is produced from the sap of cut flower buds of the coconut tree. It is subtly sweet with a hint of caramel. An excellent replacement for regular sugar, create new flavours both while baking and cooking.

Green Coffee: The unroasted coffee bean, green coffee contains antioxidant chlorogenic acids. Roasting the coffee bean decreases the content of this antioxidant. Enjoy the soothing aroma of this mix, without the excessive caffeine.

Tomato Chutney: A pleasant combination of spicy, sweet and tangy, this tomato chutney can be used as a dip or even as a marinade.

Amba Kachi Haldi with Honey & Tulsi in Sabudana Water (Oil Free): There's something to be said for oil-free pickles - all the delicious tanginess without the guilt of unwanted calories. Enjoy the goodness of kachi haldi in its new avtaar with hot parathas or baked matthis.

Vanilla Beans: The aroma of vanilla beans, the second most expensive spice after saffron, is all too familiar and universally appreciated. Forget the store bought liquid essence and go gourmet by using the vanilla bean itself. Its subtle flavour in ice-creams, cakes, desserts and even savoury dishes is every connoisseur's delight. 

This season, enjoy these delicacies and take a step towards a healthier you.

Replace rice with quinoa or spice up your coffee with a delicious infused sugar. Indian meals are incomplete without a chutney or achaar on the side. Forget the bottled vanilla essence, this is the real thing - let the aroma of vanilla fill your kitchen as you add the beans into your desserts.

Products in the Box

  • Coffee Punch (20 Sachets)

    Green coffee extract, rich source of anti-oxidants. Probiotics for immunity & replenishing gut flora. Rich in chlorogenic acid & modulates fat metabolism.

    ₹ 225

    Brand: Nutrus

  • Amba Kachi Haldi With Honey & Tulsi In Sabudana Water (Oil Free)

    Amba is a very unique haldi with a taste similar to mango. To this is added raw haldi which is stronger in flavour. The two are combined with a beautiful base of sweet sabudanaa water to counter the harshness of haldi. Haldi is a globally known antiseptic and anti-allergen. Kachi Haldi is known as a pain reliever, wormicide, female tonic and helps resists congestion due to cold. Sabudana water improves bone health, controls blood pressure, provides energy and helps in muscle growth. The research done at Natures Treat has helped combine haldi and sabudana water to create a balanced pickle with immense benefits and the nutrients of the haldi intact. This pickle goes well with bread, rice, crackers and cheese.

    ₹ 85

    Brand: Nature's Treat

  • Quinoa Pasta

    Quinoa pasta is a great option for those who want to increase their fiber and protein intake. It also looks/chew like regular pasta. It has high fiber, high protein, and whole grain with no maida.

    ₹ 225

    Brand: Queens Quinoa

  • The World\'s Finest Vanilla Beans From Madagascar

    Worlds Finest Vanilla Beans from Madagascar.

    ₹ 299

    Brand: Sprig

  • Coconut Sugar Infused With Quartet Of Spices

    Goodness of Coconut Palm sugar with heavenly flavours of infused four spices.

    ₹ 399

    Brand: Sprig

  • Tomato Chutney

    The extraordinary Tomato Chutney, the humble tomato, re-invented as Art, to give you the perfect caramelized, slow cooked blend of sweet, tangy and spicy. This one you\'d truly relish. (P.S.: Versatility is a bonus)

    ₹ 150

    Brand: The Food Art Factory

  • Gift Box

    This gorgeous and sustainable gift box, embellished with flowers has been hand-crafted by women who worked as waste-pickers in Ghazipur. These women are now shareholders of Gulmeher Green Producer Company, an organisation which uses recycled waste paper and wounded flowers to make earthy gifts, eco-friendly stationery and packaging.

    ₹ 200

    Brand: Gulmeher

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