Natureland Organics Amlaprash

Key highlights

  • Made with organic Amla fruit.
  • Processed and packed hygienically.


Naturelands Organic Amlaprash is made with Organic Amla fruit. Amla is known for its health benfits and in Ayurveda it is a natural and rich source of energy, vitamin 'C and minerals. According to Ayurveda, Amla fruit is sour and astringent in taste, with sweet, bitter and pungent .Its qualities are light and dry, the post digestive effect is sweet, and its energy is cooling. Natureland Organic Amlaprash is processed and packed hygienically with blending of Amla pulp and selected herbs to create an exotic taste. Daily consumption of Amla fruit or Amla products enhances the immunity and is good for the eyes, body and hair. Amlaprash checks acidity, purifies blood and makes the complexion glowing.

Packaging Type:Non Glass


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